AES is a US-based independent small business for Load Assembly Pack, Melt-Pour and specialty High Explosive Pellets. AES can perform cradle to grave manufacturing of high explosive formulations, melt-pour, demolition products for the Defense and Aerospace and commercial markets. AES is situated on a 1300 acre site, with full laboratory and test range capability.


A wide variety of bulk explosives are processed at AES for Military and Commercial applications. All military bulk explosive products are processed to Mil-Spec standards. Commercial bulk explosives are custom made for specific applications in the Oil and Gas Industry. » Learn More



A testament of AES's technical diversity is best evaluated by the variety of products which are fabricated. These products include the Load Assembly & Pack and pressed fabricated explosives. The facility is equipped with state of the art equipment to manufacture LSC, conical shaped charges, pressed high explosive pellets/boosters, Defense and Aerospace specialty products, as well as Load Assembly & Pack of severance, breaching and destruct charges. » Learn More



Our capabilities extend to specialty explosives products including representative charges for IED testing, metal clad detonating cord, severance charges, destruct charges, seismic charges and innovative breaching charges.