AES is a US-based independent small business providing Bulk Explosives, Load, Assembly Pack, Melt-Pour and other custom energetic devices. We specialize in manufacturing high explosive formulations, melt cast charges and demolition products for Aerospace, Defense and commercial markets. AES is situated on a 1300 acre site, with full laboratory and test range capability.


A wide variety of bulk explosives are processed at AES for Military and Commercial applications. All military bulk explosive products are processed to Mil-Spec standards. Commercial bulk explosives are custom made for specific applications in the Oil and Gas Industry. » Learn More


AES specializes in Load, Assembly & Pack and other fabricated explosives. Our facility is equipped with state of the art equipment to manufacture LSC, conical shaped charges, pressed high explosive pellets/boosters, Aerospace severance/destruct charges, and specialty breaching charges. » Learn More


Our capabilities extend to specialty explosives products including representative charges for IED testing, metal clad detonating cord, severance charges, destruct charges, seismic charges and innovative breaching charges.  Please contact us to discuss your needs.