Founded in 1980, Accurate Energetic Systems, LLC (AES) is dedicated to the development, manufacture, handling and storage of a wide range of energetic products for the military, aerospace and commercial markets. Through acquisitions, R&D expenditures and capital investments, AES is continuously expanding its product portfolio and capabilities to better serve the requirements of the end user.

AES maintains an ISO 9001:2015 certified Quality Management System addressing all contracting, engineering, production, environmental, safety, occupational health, quality and security activities.  Our facility complies with the Security requirements of DOD 5100.76-M, Appendix 2 and the safety requirements of DOD 4145.26-M.

The AES facility consists of 1,300 acres in Bucksnort, TN, fifty miles west of Nashville on Interstate 40. The production facility consists of five purpose built production buildings and a quality lab for product evaluation and analysis. All manufacturing facilities are environmentally controlled.

AES provides commercial and government customers manufacturing and storage capabilities for a wide range of energetic products.  Our core areas of expertise include:

  • Manufacturing and Processing Bulk Explosives
  • Fabricating Energetic Devices
  • Load, Assemble, Pack
  • Casting of Specialty Melt Pour Explosive Devices


AES is committed to conducting its business in a fair and ethical manner in accordance with the Company’s Code of Ethics and Compliance. All employees are provided ethics training, are required to certify that they understand the Handbook, and agree to seek guidance and report suspected violations to AES through the various options made available to employees for reporting concerns and for seeking guidance.


AES is a proud member of the following organizations: