bulk-explosivesAES processes bulk explosives to meet the exacting requirements of Commercial and Military applications.  All military bulk explosives are processed and tested to the applicable Mil-Spec standards and all commercial bulk explosives are custom blended for their specific application.

Bulk HMX, HNS, PETN, RDX and TNT based explosives are available in pure formulations or desensitized for specific applications.  Desensitized products are coated with wax or polymer binders and mixed with graphite or other compounds to improve their material flow properties.

Chemical composition, moisture content, granulation size and other properties are verified in AES’ onsite quality laboratory. In addition to providing bulk explosives, AES provides value added explosive processing services including:

  • Melt pour into customer specified shapes or devices
  • Pressing and pelletizing explosives in custom configurations


AES produces specialty blended explosives for use in Mining, Oil and Gas Exploration and other applications.  Custom blended explosives are available upon request.  Commercial explosives include:

  • Pure and Desensitized HMX
  • Pure and Desensitized RDX, including C-4
  • Pure HNS


AES produces fully compliant Mil-Spec bulk explosives for use in Aerospace and Military applications.  The products include pure, desensitized and plastic bonded explosive compositions using HMX, HNS, PETN, RDX and TNT based explosives.  Military products include:

  • HMX based products
    – Pure HMX in all grades and classes
    – Desensitized and Plastic Bonded HMX – PBXN-5, PBXN-9, PBXW-11 and others
    – Octol – 70/30 & 75/25
  • HNS I & HNS II
  • PETN
  • RDX based products
    – Pure RDX in all grades and classes
    – Desensitized RDX – Compositions A-3, A-4, A-5, B, C-4 and others
  • TNT based products
    – Pure TNT
    – TNT compositions – Octol, Pentolite, Torpex, Tritonal and others