AES has two purpose built production buildings dedicated to the Melt Pour of high explosive devices for the defense, mining and vehicle testing industries.  AES pure TNT and a variety of TNT based formulations:

  • Composition B
  • Composition H-6 & HBX Formulations
  • Octol
  • Pentolite
  • Tritonal

Because the explosive is processed in a melted form, this process is ideal for devices with complex geometries such as warheads and grenades.  Compositions can be poured into metal, fiberboard or polymer housings.  If you have a specialized device, our experienced team will work with you to develop a solution that meets all your requirements.


cast-boostersAES manufactures cast boosters for the mining industry in a variety of sizes from 8 gram up to 80oz (2,270g).  The boosters utilize AES’ patented Sensitizing system for reliable initiation using a No. 8 strength detonator (cap) and electronic detonators of similar energy output.  Boosters up to 5 lb are available with one cap well and the 1lb, 2lb and 5lb boosters are also available with two cap wells (twin-plex or duplex boosters).  AES boosters are manufactured with commonly utilized Melt Pour explosives.

In addition to the standard mining boosters, AES manufactures specialty seismic and avalanche charges.  If you are looking for a specific size or geometry booster, we will be happy to work with you to develop a booster that meets your specific needs.

Cast Booster information sheets:

AES 8 gram Top-Cap

AES Cast Boosters


AES utilizes our proven expertise in Melt Pour to produce Destruct Charges, fill warheads/munitions and fill demolition charges such as the M2A4 and M3A1.



AES produces cast Composition B, Pentolite and TNT cylinders used to simulate blast effects.  Cast cylinders can be poured in custom diameters, lengths, weights and with or without det-wells.  Custom spherical or hemispherical charges are available as well.